Superstar investors have forgotten investing 101


Never wager excessively on one stock. That’s investing 101. It’s too risky. If that stock tanks, you lose big time. A great example of just how wrong it can go More...

How I got an $11,000 raise


Are the presidential candidates wrong on jobs? One of Ashley Brinkman’s all-time favorite emails arrived in January: it said she was getting an $11,000 raise.  More...

Five Guys becomes UK’s fave fast food


We blended burgers…for science The hungry Brits have spoken. The U.K.’s top choice for fast food is the all-American Five Guys burger chain, according More...


Emerging-market debt: The well runs dry

OIL PRICES have perked up a bit, but producers are still reeling from the slump in crude prices last year. The boss of Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned oil firm, said this week that More...

Exports: More buyers wanted

The shipping forecast: gloomy THE prime minister summed up Britain’s trade dilemma when he said last year: “We’re still selling more to Hungary than to Indonesia—even More...

Microsoft muzzles chat bot after racist tweets


Microsoft’s teen chat bot Tay spewed racist comments on Twitter so the company shut her down after less than a day. Microsoft’s More...

FBI may be forced to share iPhone hack


If the FBI manages to break into a San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone, there’s a tiny possibility More...

160323111425-methodisthospital-hacked-780x439-4be64838f935d5643241e264f01892762318b3bd U.S. hospitals are getting hit by hackers

Yet another hospital got infected with a ransomware computer virus. Methodist Hospital in Kentucky was forced...

160314093029-low-cost-airlines-00000901-1024x576-fd1b332d8841c732316a0f9488a676fa06b31f43 Airlines lose big betting fuel prices will jump

What is a low-cost carrier? Airlines in the U.S. have lost a bundle betting that fuel...

160323112003-starbucks-ceo-howard-schultz-election-1024x576-1e8ef1c0df96a8937e1c91791724a30ad46b3d8c Starbucks CEO: Voters are embracing ‘fool’s gold’

Starbucks CEO: U.S. needs a ‘moral and economic transformation’ Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says America’s voters...

160316162103-who-is-merrick-garland-00000230-1024x576-d63623071c552ce89fdc92f3aba9e44afe534b04 Tyson Foods workers win $3 million in back pay

Who is Merrick Garland? More than 3,300 workers at Tyson Foods plants will split $2.9 million...

160322015121-apple-fbi-00001320-1024x576-d98de7b1d23902b49ff3b32e15552d9723c4cf9f The iPhone hack that could help the FBI get a terrorist’s files

Apple v. DOJ showdown postponed It’s anyone’s guess how the FBI thinks it might get into...

160316182237-nike-hyperadapt-1-0-1024x576-b9b34f50c308f589a10de99ee68c9f82d475a83f High-flying Nike gets grounded

Nike just brought ‘Back to the Future’ into reality Not even the high-flying Nike can be...

FIFA vote: What to know


Times are changing. The FIFA scandal that has rocked the soccer world, resulting in big figures such as President More...

NFL combine: QBs in spotlight

While the truly extraordinary talent of the 2016 NFL Draft lies along the defensive line, the big story — as always..

Jags; Fowler: Sorry for fight caught on video

Dante Fowler has apologized for his role in a fight between two women. (TMZ) Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. has..

In an age of terror, free speech is an early casualty


JUST over a year has passed since Copenhagen joined the list of European cities struck by terrorists claiming More...

Power to the powerless

IMAGINE a country the size of India without power. No electric lights, mobile phones, radios crackling with cricket or televisions blaring..

Bill and Melinda Gates explain their charitable priorities for the coming year

SINCE 2009 Bill Gates has written an annual open letter setting out priorities for the charitable foundation he leads with his..

Endocrine disruption pioneer Lou Guillette remembered

img761843-4d5c324d8d84a68adaf0781fb532c57281b2020f Whole Issue PDF This issue’s PDF is still being created and should be available 3-5 business days after the first of..

Berlin’s rebel brewers

Berlin rebel brewers Young brewers are challenging ‘Reinheitsgebot’, the law that has been controlling how beer is made for 500 years ©Mustafah Abdulaziz Andrew..

16 Amazing Photos from My Visit to Torres Del Paine

Last month, as part of my “go offline” February, I went to Patagonia with Intrepid Travel and hiked the famous W..

New AI Chat Bot Created With Millennials in Mind – Tay Avaialble to Users on Twitter, Kik and GroupMe

  Photo by Johannes Hemmerlein Everyone can use more friends and, now, Microsoft has created one. The company has unveiled Tay,..

Yoga or Tai Chi Investment Pays Huge Health Dividends

A simple 20 minute investment in yoga ot tai chi each morning can produce calm and peace, improved strength, limberness, better immune function..

Reshaping banking: Shake your money makers


CHILDREN are sometimes reassured that new siblings arrive via friendly storks. The reality is messier. Money creation is much the same. The “stork” in this case is More...

Against the odds: A merger between two Italian banks offers hope to a fragmented industry


THE engagement has been a long and tumultuous one, but a wedding date has finally been set. Banco Popolare and Banca Popolare di Milano, two northern Italian banks, have been More...

Bernie and the banks: Bernie Sanders’s obsession with Glass-Steagall is misplaced


A CENTRAL part of the Sanders economic plan is to break up big banks by reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act. Until its repeal in 1999 Glass-Steagall separated supposedly staid More...